Designer Delivery

Designer DeliveryOne of our areas of work is with interior designers. We work with the designer to coordinate the:

  • Receiving
  • Inspection
  • Storage
  • Inventory control
  • Moving/delivery
  • Installation of goods

We work with you from the beginning to end. When items are received, we have the facilities to unload them safely, unpack, and inspect them. They are tagged and stored securely until they are needed for the all-important delivery and installation. This is when everything comes together and our highly trained delivery team makes the dream a reality. Coordinated delivery is worked out with the designer by room and by items so everything goes smoothly from laying rugs to hanging pictures. Here are a few highlights our provides to our designers:

  • Items are fully inspected and assembled so that you may be immediately notified of any damage or missing items from the manufacturer.
  • Our team can repair or return incoming goods that may have arrived damaged from the manufacturer On-line inventory of goods.
  • Invoices by end-client so that your accounting department can bill appropriately (or we can bill the customer directly, if you prefer).
  • Coordinated delivery by room or area as suits your need.